Juicy grilled burger recipe

28 ounces ground freshly ground ground meat (preferably Burger Blue Label Mix)
Ground kosher and black ground pepper
4 Slices of Cheese (American or Cheddar Recommend)
4 soft, lightly toasted hamburger sandwiches
Ingredients and seasonings as desired
Preheat the high grill. Divide the meat into four equal parts 7 ounces and uniformly form each one burger 4.5 inches wide for about 3/4 inches thick. Put on a flat surface and create a dimple at the center of the cake pushing down with three or four fingers. The dimple should be about 1/4 inches in depth and 3 inches in diameter. Season generously with salt and pepper.

Place cakes on a tray lined with chicken leaves and place so that top cakes are 2 1/2 to 3 inches under grid elements or flames. Asa simmering for 3 minutes until the top is golden brown and begging. Turn cakes and continue cooking until the center reads 130 degrees on the medium-rare instant-reading thermometer, about 3 minutes. Adjust the cooking time if you want to be more or less cooked.

Top each patty with a slice of cheese, place it again under the grill for 25 seconds to melt, place on sandwiches as high as desired, and serve.


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