White Karahi Recipe

                                                              White chicken Karahi with cream
White Karahi is a wonderful addition to the standard Karahi chicken. It is famous for its masala light. These specialized versions of Karahi are not very common, but they have a more impressive flavor. People who enjoy them occasionally enjoy to enjoy frequently. It is very tasty and delicious and especially people who eat less spices as they like.
Heat the oil in a frying pan, fry the chicken until it becomes golden Fry onions crushed in the same oil until it will be well golden Add garlic paste and roasted ginger 3 to 4 minutes Add crushed green pepper and bake for 2 minutes At this point add the fried chicken and mix well. Also add the salt Add yogurt and fraiche creams If the liquid yogurt is dried, lower the flame and cover the pan See if the oil comes up, add white crushed pepper and steam cook (prey) for a minute. Delicious Chicken Karahi White is ready. Enjoy so hot.


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